Financing and realising energy efficiency and renewable energy projects in industry

Realising industrial efficiency and renewable energy projects


Our goal

Industrial project developers can face challenges acquiring favourable financing for energy efficiency (EE) and renewable energy (RE) projects, including insufficient credit, risk mitigation issues, and high transaction costs relative to capital requirements. 

Supported by the Horizon 2020 programme of the European Union, our goal is to work with industrial suppliers and owners to capture the vast potential for energy efficiency and renewable energy to meet industrial process heating demand. 

Benefits for project developers

Our three-step process optimises and finances projects:

  1. Our platform screens industrial efficiency and renewable projects.
  2. Once approved, a technical assessment helps to optimise projects. 
  3. After project commissioning we offer flexible re-financing. 

Re-financing solutions are designed to be balance sheet neutral. This frees up your capital for other priorities. 

Read more about the TrustEE approach (pdf presentation) and our services...

Industrial efficiency and renewable projects

Our focus is thermal-focused projects that replace or offset fossil fuel heat sources:

  • Waste heat recovery
  • Solar thermal
  • Biogas 
  • Biomass, and 
  • Heat pumps.