Financing and realising energy efficiency and renewable energy projects in industry

Streamlined and flexible project design

TrustEE aims to scale up development, implementation, and financing of energy efficiency and renewable energy projects across European industry. Our three-step approach allows industrial project developers to optimise installations and create flexible payment plans.


  • Technical benchmarking versus state-of-the-art EE or RE technology/systems
  • Financial assessment based upon financial risk/return requirements



  • A Securitisation Vehicle (SV) purchases receivables, allowing suppliers to design flexible project payment schemes

  • These purchases allow industrial SMEs (suppliers and owners) to design flexible payment plans, which are financed by tradeable securities offered to investors on the capital market

Contact TrustEE to discuss project development or re-financing. 

TrustEE works with

Industrial owners deliver energy savings projects

Innovative suppliers and engineers finance the business proposition of energy performance contracts, and

Financial investors manage and control project and credit risks. 

Seeking project inspiration?

The De-risking Energy Efficiency Platform contains over 5,000 industrial energy efficiency projects, which are searchable by country, measure type and organisation size. Mean payback period for efficiency projects in industry is 2 years!

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