Financing and realising energy efficiency and renewable energy projects in industry

Realise projects, improve liquidity

We work with: 

  • Technology suppliers to grow project volume, and 
  • Industrial owners to improve liquidity. 

How does it work?

By working closely with you throughout the project lifecycle, starting with development and installation. After system commission we arrange flexible, longer-term financing with industrial owners. Explore our approach below. 

Development and installation 

First, we review and assess the project proposal. Our platform streamlines technical due diligence by using benchmarks versus state-of-the-art technology/systems. A financial assessment is also conducted based upon financial risk/return requirements.

During project development, we offer technical optimisation support and structure contracts with the supplier and end user (see TrustEE contract overview). 



Upon project approval TrustEE purchases the open price receivables from the technology supplier.

The supplier receives payment directly without having to wait for the receivables to expire.





Flexible re-financing

We establish a payment plan with the industrial owner.

The payment schedule is based on the type of system or systems installed, the amortization time taking into account the planned energy savings, and the credit rating of the parties involved.






Issuing green bonds  

Investor demand for green bonds is growing rapidly. In a later phase, the TrustEE Securitisation Vehicle (SV) will purchase the receivables and convert them to securities.

These green bonds and tranches will be offered to investors on the capital markets.






Learn more 

The TrustEE Platform (external link) is our tool to standardise project assessment, offer optimisation support, and speed up the re-financing process. Learn more how TrustEE helps you increase project volume. Download: .pdf presentation.pdf brochure (for screen).pdf brochure (print)