Financing and realising energy efficiency and renewable energy projects in industry


TrustEE Platform launched!

Would accelerated project assessment and the opportunity for flexible, balance nuetral financing help your company grow?

The TrustEE Platform (external link) offers project developers a standardised and independent assessment to optimise projects, and prepare them for securing flexible financing. Learn how TrustEE can help you build project volume by freeing up your capital for the next investment priority: .pdf presentation.pdf brochure (for screen).pdf brochure (print)

TrustEE model highlighted at financing conferences

TrustEE partners to present innovative financing model on 5 december in Frankfurt, Germany as part of the Financing energy efficiency conference.

Winfried Braumann will also present at the European Commission sponsored Financing Energy Efficiency in Industry conference on 13 December 2018, from 11.00 to 13.00 CET (link to register

Time to change our game: Cost savings not enough!

Steven Fawkes identifies four key areas of focus to scale up project financing, and meet the enormous potential for energy efficiency to address climate goals. Read more...

TrustEE headlines event to address efficiency financing gaps

TrustEE financing solutions highlighted in European Council for an Energy Efficiency (eceee) event focused on bridging the financing gaps for industrial efficiency projects. Download the key findings report (.ppt)

De-carbonisation requires long-term investments and guarantees 

An expert-led workshop at the International Sustainable Energy Conference in Austria outlined pathways to de-carbonise industry. Download the key findings report (.ppt) and TrustEE poster presentation (.ppt)

Consumers will pay more for "green"

Investments in energy saving technologies may cost upfront but yield big rewards with consumers. Read more...

How will businesses respond to urgent global warming? 

The latest IPCC report projects that the carbon budget to maintain a 1,5 degree warming effect will be exceeded in just 12 years. How will businesses repond? Read more...

Market demand for green investments continues growth

Nasdaq Stockholm launches two new sustainable dept segments.

TrustEE standardises risk assessment for efficiency and renewable energy projects in industry

According to the Global Solar Thermal Energy Council, two-thirds of solar process heat specialists strongly agree that financing and a lack of technical expertise in risk assessment are key barriers to project implementation. Read more about how TrustEE is addressing these barriers...