Financing and realising energy efficiency and renewable energy projects in industry

Project Developer Network

We offer easy, flexible sales financing to a growing network of European-based companies. All companies meet our general criteria, including quality and technical certifications. They offer the following types of products and services: solar thermal, biogas, biomass systems/solutions; waste heat recovery technologies/systems; energy efficiency process improvements; renewable energy plant design/turn-key.

Company Focus areas
BDI-BioEnergy International GmbH 
  • Market: All of Europe
  • Solutions: Biomass/biodiesel
Biovec Medioambiente S.L.U. 
  • Market: Spain
  • Solutions: Biogas
  • Market: Spain, Portugal, France
  • Solutions: Biogas turnkey, biopurification
  • Market: Sweden, Portugal
  • Solutions: Energy and energy efficiency services in industry and buildings
Industrial Solar GmbH
  • Market: Germany, Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Jordan, Morocco, Lebanon, Chile, Brazil, Mexico, South Africa, India, Australia
  • Solutions: Turn-key industrial solar heating, power and cooling solutions
J. Bouzada Ingenieros Inc.
  • Market: Spain
  • Solutions: Biogas, industrial waste/wastewater
KPV Solar GmbH
  • Markets: Austria, Germany, Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, Bulgaria, France, Greece, Bosnia, Macedonia, Serbia, Qatar, Saudi Arabia
  • Solutions: Large-scale solar PV, solar thermal plants
Protarget AG
  • Markets: Cyprus, Greece, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Croatia
  • Solutions: Turn-key solar thermal systems for industrial process heat and steam
  • Markets: Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, France, Italy, Greece, Spain
  • Solutions: Concentrated solar thermal for industrial and district heating applications
Solid Solar Energy Systems 
  • Markets: Austria, Germany, Poland, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, Serbia, Bosnia, Kosovo 
  • Solutions: Large-scale solar thermal plants
Voigt + Wipp Engineers GmbH 
  • Markets: Austria, Germany, France, Great Britain, Italy, Romania, South Korea
  • Solutions: Process efficiency, engineering, biomass optimisation

BDI-BioEnergy International GmbH


Country (registered): Austria

Phone: +43.316.4009.100

Contact email

Description: Special plant engineering and construction company from Austria, specialised in Multi-Feedstock biodiesel technologies, RetroFit, Biomass-to-liquid technology, in-house R&D and scale-up services

Products, services and value proposition (including certifications): Plant Engineering & construction services along the whole value chain (ISO 9001:205 certified) starting with: Consulting, Authority-, Basic-, Detail-Engineering, Purchase, Supervision of Construction, Cold & Hot Commissioning, Start-up and After Sales Services. Besides that, BDI offers R&D-Services - especially Scale-up Services - in the field of Green Tech. BDI has at its disposal in-house laboratories and testing facilities for process development; feedstock analysis and testing in small and pilot scale.

Markets: All of Europe, but to name a few: United Kingdom, Spain, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium

Reference projects installed (last five years): All-Gas (FP7);  BioDie (H2020)



Biovec Medioambiente S.L.U. 

Country (registered): Spain 

Phone: +34.629.171.448

Contact email:

DescriptionBIOVEC was born to answer the current necessities of the energy market, in the renewable energies sector and specially in the valuation of biogas. We are a team of experienced engineers providing services and solutions for the valuation of resources (not waste) from farming, agriculture and food industries into biogas. Our solutions cover all the stages of design and construction of the projects related to biogas and other areas of energetic valuation of renewable sources of energy. We have also experience in pilot plants and as international adviser in the biogas field.

Products, services and value proposition (including certifications): Our services include:

  • International consulting and energy studies
  • Biogas studies and evaluations
  • Biogas audits
  • Consulting, international assestment, conferences and courses on biogas field

Anaerobic digestion applied to agriculture and industry:

  • Realization and evaluation of biogas national development plans
  • Studies of viability of biogas plants
  • Pre-projects and technical and economic evaluations
  • Complete engineering of biogas plants
  • Set-up, follow-up and consulting of substrates
  • Plants on turnkey basis
  • Consulting and purchase management of equipment for biogas plants

Markets: Spain

Reference projects installed (last five years): 

  • Galivi solar biogas plant (Lorca, Murcia, Spain)
  • Urbaser biogas and bioplastic pilot plant (Zaragoza, Spain)
  • Grupo Gimeno biogas pilot plant (Totana, Murcia, Spain)
  • Agrocat biogas plant (Monistrol de Calders, Barcelona, Spain).
  • Zaidín biogas plant (Zaidin, Huesca, Spain)
  • Capella biogas plant (Capella, Huesca, Spain)
  • Santibañez biogas plant (Iscar, Valladolid, Spain)



Country (registered): Spain

Main office address: Plaza Major, 12 B - ES25245 – Vila-Sana (Lleida)

Phone: +34 973070608

Contact email:

Description: Engineering specialist in biogas projects (building biogas plants and biogas purification).

Products, services and value proposition (including certifications): Our services include:

  • Turnkey biogas projects,
  • Biogas purification to obtain biomethane,
  • Biogas origin certificates.

Markets: Spain, Portugal and France

Reference projects installed (last five years): 

New Biogas plant with animal by-products products sterilisation. Pina de Ebro (Spain). 2016

Biogas plant ampliation. Torregrossa (Spain). 2018

LIFE15 ENV/ES/000382 – LIFE LEMNA PROJECT – Duckweed Technology for improving nutrient management and resource efficiency in pig production systems. Vila-Sana. (Spain) 2017-2020


EnergiVeritas AB

Country (registered): Sweden

Main office address: Karlavägen 32B, 553 39 Jönköping Sweden

Phone: +46 (0) 760 48 10 77

Contact email:

Description:  Energy and energy efficiency services in industry and buildings.

Products, services and value proposition (including certifications): Our services include:

  • Energy audits,
  • Optimisation/recommissioning of HVAC systems 
  • Energy efficiency savings opportunities and project management
  • ClimaCheck - performance anaysis of HVAC systems
  • Energy certification.

Markets: Sweden and Portugal 

Reference projects installed (last five years): 

Energy efficiency implementation at Postnord - Nässjö logistics centers (10 000 m2. €56 000  annual savings after €60 000 investment in fan retrofit and recommissioning of HVAC system.

Energy efficiency implementation at Mälardalens University 22 000 m2, energy consumption reduction of 34% (237kWh/m2 to 157kWh/m2. Recommissioning of HVAC and LED lighting.  


Industrial Solar GmbH

Country (registered): Germany

Main office address: Basler Straße 115, D-79115 – Freiburg im Breisgau

Phone: +49 761 767 111-0

Contact email:

Description: Industrial Solar GmbH is a solution provider for solar process heat and solar thermal cooling. It was founded in 2008 in the innovative environment of the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems in Freiburg, Germany.

Products, services and value proposition (including certifications): Industrial Solar provides tailormade renewable energy and energy efficiency solutions in the medium power range for industrial and commercial customers. While focusing on industrial heating, the company also addresses cooling and power supply. We start with a comprehensive assessment of the actual energy demand, efficiency potential, renewable resource as well as local site constraints, and therefore identify the optimal solutions and engineering suitable systems for project implementation.

Industrial Solar’s turnkey solutions for heat, cold and power supply comprise all peripheral components needed to operate the systems and to smoothly integrate the energy into the processes.

Markets: Germany, Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Jordan, Morocco, Lebanon, Chile, Brazil, Mexico, South Africa, India, Australia

Reference projects installed (last five years): 

JTI  Jordan – Solar process heating and cooling – 705 kWth – Amman/Jordan

Pfizer – Solar process heating for hot air – Freiburg/Germany                 

RAM Pharma – Solar process steam 222 kWth – Amman/Jordan

Qatar Foundation – Implementation of an ORC system integrated with Fresnel collectors – Doha/Qatar

Engineering for solar steam in the textile industry in Tanzania


J. Bouzada Ingenieros Inc. 

Country (registered): Spain

Phone: +34 986 47 03 49

Main office address: Calle Brasil, 50. Entlo-6. 36204 Vigo. Spain 

Contact email: 

Description: JB Ingenieros is a Spanish SME specialized in industrial wastewater and waste (mainly biogas plants) treatment. Its main client is the food industry.

Products, services and value proposition (including certifications): JB Ingenieros works for food industry studying their waste and wastewater issues, executing turn-key plants and performing technical audit of their operating plants.

Markets: Spain and Portugal.

Reference projects installed (last five years): 

Industrial wastewater treatment plant: fish canning industry (x4), abattoir, oil refining industry, fish processing industry, landfill leachate

Biogas plants: abattoir

Technical audits and studies: several


KPV Solar GmbH

Country (registered): Austria 

Phone: +43 (0) 463 / 218073-23

Main office address: Lakeside B07, 9020 Klagenfurt

Contact email:

Description: KPV Solar GmbH is planning and developing large scale photovoltaic and solar thermal plants for industry, district heating and building sector, to be ready for investors.

Products, services and value proposition (including certifications): PV and solar thermal project engineering, implementation and monitoring.

Markets: Austria, Germany, Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, Bulgaria, France, Greece, Bosnia, Macedonia, Serbia, Qatar, Saudi Arabia

Reference projects installed (last five years): 


District Heating Maria Gail / Austria / roof installation 240 m²

District Heating Friesach / Austria / ground installation 5.300 m² (project start in 2020)


Oberalm / Austria / roof installation 100 kWp


Protarget AG

Country (registered): Germany 

Phone: +49 2234 9893 327

Main office address: Zeissstraße 5, 50859 Germany

Contact email:

Description: Protarget AG Germany is specialised in the design, production and installation of turn-key solar thermal systems for industrial process heat (CPC) and steam (CST) supply

Products, services and value proposition (including certifications): Protarget AG was founded in 2009 to develop, produce and sell turn-key solar thermal systems for industrial process heat and steam supply. Our German engineering and design offices are located in Cologne and a manufacturing unit for vacuum receiver tubes in Chemnitz. Manufacturing partners in Europe, India and Chile for the production of CST components and construction of plants. 

All equipment is designed in accordance with the applicable standards and norms, especially: The European pressure directive (PED), Machinery directive, Eurocode and ASME standards. Protarget’s Parabolic Trough Collector (PTC) is qualified by the German Aerospace Centre (DLR) and its design approved by TÜV Germany. The technology is also in accordance to the Indian Boiler Regulation IBR and MNRE (Ministry of New and Renewable Energy) empanelled which makes it  eligible for Indian subsidies.

Markets: Cyprus, Greece, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Croatia

Reference projects installed (last five years): 

-Germany, CST plant, district heating system

-India, CST plant, industrial process steam supply

-Cyprus, CST plant + storage, industrial process steam supply

-Cyprus, CPC plant, industrial process heat supply

-Brazil, CSP plant + storage, electricity generation



Country (registered): Germany

Phone: +49-39972-56 97 -0

Main office address: Duckwitz 10, 17179 Behren-Lübchin OT Duckwitz

Contact email:

Description: Solarlite manufactures and arranges EPCs for concentrated solarthermal systems (parabolic troughs) for industrial process heat and district heating.

Products, services and value proposition (including certifications): 

Manufacturing of parabolic troughs with different aperture width (SL 2300, SL 4600, SL 5770). All required services to engineer, permit and erect process heat plants (project development, basic engineering, detailed engineering).

Volume: 500 T€ to 10 mio€, where planning contributes between 100 T€ and 1.2 mio€.

R&D works in all relevant fields, which may result in cost decrease or efficiency augmentation. Volume: 250 T€ to 1.5 mio€.

All products used are counter-checked by reliable research institutions or are prepared for necessary certification processes (solar keymark for CST is ongoing).

Markets: Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, France, Italy, Greece, Spain

Reference projects installed (last five years): 


500 kWth Antwerp, chemical industry

500 kWth Oostende, chemical industry


100 kWth Paderborn, concrete industry


15 MWth India, sugar cane industry (engineering)

Solid Solar Energy Systems GmbH

Country (registered): Austria 

Phone: +43 (0) 463 / 218073-23

Office address: Puchstrasse 85, A-8020 Graz (registered address: Am Pfangberg 117, A-8045 Graz)

Contact email

DescriptionSOLID is an Austrian solar thermal company specializing in all aspects of large-scale solar thermal energy plants. SOLID is been planning, building, delivering, assembling and operating large-scale solar plants from 300 kWth up to several MWth nominal capacity around the world, providing hot water, room heating, industrial process heat, district heating and cooling.

Products, services and value proposition (including certifications): SOLID designs and operates large-scale solar plants, and has been a pioneer and leading company in the solar industry. So far, more than 300 large-scale solar systems have been realized in Europe, America and Asia. SOLID currently plans and builds some of the largest commercial district heating and solar cooling projects in the world. Typical customers are public utility companies, hospitals, hotels, public facilities, industrial enterprises, residential building contractors.

SOLID is independent from any manufacturer or vendor and only uses products that are meeting the highest state-of-the-art standards. As an option, SOLID also offers ESCo services. This means, that SOLID assembles, operates and finances solar systems. A customer just purchases the generated solar heat or cold at a defined price and enjoys the advantages of the technology without any risk. Since 2002 SOLID has been gaining practical experience with thermal absorption machines with capacities up to 23 MW.

SOLID exclusively works with state-of-the-art components and our R&D Team works to continuously develop and ensure our technology gives an advantage.

Markets: Austria, Germany, Poland, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, Serbia, Bosnia, Kosovo

Reference projects installed (last five years): 

Solar District Heating (SDH): SOLID implemented the first SDH project in 1994. After some smaller solar thermal plants for biomass DH networks in Styria. In 2002 SOLID built the first large solar thermal DH feed-in plant in the city of Graz. At present SOLID operates three large solar thermal plants for district heating in our home town with a total collector area of more than 15.000 in Austria and 11 MW total heat power. In total more than 40 solar thermal plants for DH have been built by SOLID in smaller towns in Austria. One plant in Graz is just further extended by another 500 m² collector area and with a total area of 8.215 m² and is the largest solar thermal plant for district heating in central Europe. Thus, SOLID has many years expertise in the field of hydraulics and control engineering of large-scale solar plants for district heating.

Solar Cooling / Absorption Heat PumpsSOLID has experience with AHP (Absorption Heat Pumps) and has been implementing large solar cooling projects. Among them are the world's most powerful solar cooling systems. All our solar cooling systems work with absorption heat pumps. In 2016 SOLID has implemented a 6 MW AHP to feed in excess heat into a district heating network in Innsbruck. In 2017 we have implemented an AHP with a thermal power of 23 MW in the DH network of Klagenfurt. Plants like these feed our experience and help us master the challenges of integrating large heat pumps into heating networks. 

R&D activities: Our R&D department is currently involved in 8 national and international research projects. In 2014 SOLID started the world's largest collector test field. Six different collectors from five European manufacturers that are suitable for district heating feed-in are directly compared with one another in an area of around 2,450 m² in real district heating use. The test field is currently further extended by another 500 m² collector area with 4 different collectors. Solid is also operating agent of the IEA SHC Task 55, a platform for industry and science to explore the opportunities, challenges and benefits of integrating large-scale solar thermal plants with a significant amount of heat for heat networks.


Voigt+Wipp Engineers GmbH 


Country (registered): Austria

Phone: +43123500320

Main office address: Märzstraße 120, 1150 Vienna

Contact email:

Description: VOIGT+WIPP provide solutions for increasing the energy- and economic efficiency in process industry. By combining process technology, process control engineering and mechanical engineering, we will increase your plant’s efficiency and profitability.

Products, services and value proposition (including certifications): The EPOC (Energy- & Production Optimization Control) is an integrated process control software for industrial plants that guarantees optimal performance. With the EPOC comes an overarching intelligence into the customers plant, which allows the operator to follow the current strategy in the best possible way. For operators the work gets way easier and the plant manager profits with direct KPI monitoring and reporting. 

The BCS (biomass control solution) family is specially built for biomass heating plants in order to help them to preform at highest level. For example, the BCS combustion control provides a stable and efficient combustion to achieve the best possible boiler efficiency. The BCS buffer storage management guarantees an optimal loading and unloading of the thermal buffer storage. The aim is to achieve a minimum of oil and gas consumption at times of peak load, as well as a steady operation of the biomass boiler in the course of 24 hours. 

Markets: Austria, Germany, France, Great Britain, Italy, Romania, South Korea

Reference projects installed (last five years): 

EPOC (Energy- & Production Optimization Control) Implementation at Egger Rion (FRA),

EPOC (Energy- & Production Optimization Control) Implementation at Egger Brilon (GER),

BCS (Biomass Control Solution) – combustion control Implementation at Heizwerk Lofer (AUT),

BCS (Biomass Control Solution) -combustion control (for two biomass boiler) and buffer storage management Implementation at Nahwärme Neukirchen (AUT)