Financing and realising energy efficiency and renewable energy projects in industry

TrustEE consortium

AEE - Institute for Sustainable Technologies (AEE INTEC)

Founded in 1988, AEE INTEC is an independent research association and one of the leading institutes for applied research in solar thermal energy, low-energy and zero energy buildings, and energy and resource efficiency in industry.

Christoph Brunner, M.Sc., head of the Industrial Processes and Energy Systems department at AEE INTEC. Overall TrustEE project manager.

Jürgen Fluch, M.Sc., project leader in Industrial Processes and Energy Systems department at AEE INTEC.


ainia centro tecnológico

With over 700 member companies and 200 staff, ainia is a research and technology development centre focused in the agro-food sector and related industries. Primary activities include biogas and biofuel production technology research and development.

Dr. Alfredo Rodrigo, PhD in Agriculture Engineering. Expertise in food industry, including waste management, anaerobic digestion, and energy audits.


Borg & Co 

Borg & Co AB is a private consultancy (“stock company” or aktiebolag) based in Stockholm, Sweden. Nils Borg is the CEO and founded the company in 1996. The firm serves public and private clients, focusing primarily on European and international energy efficiency policies and programmes.

Borg & Co manages the secretariat of the European Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (eceee). eceee, founded in 1993, is a member-based non-profit association dedicated to energy efficiency with over 6,000 members networking across Europe.

Nils Borg, CEO of Borg & Co, Executive Director of eceee. Social scientist with expertise in executive management, environmental and energy journalism, as well as technology procurement projects.

Jason Erwin, M.Sc., Senior Consultant, has core experience in energy efficiency policies and programmes, facilitating international initiatives, synthesis and analysis, project management, and communications.


Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems (ISE)

Fraunhofer ISE, a member of Fraunhofer Society and EUREC Agency, carries out national and international research and development projects in energy efficiency, energy saving and renewable energy integration for industrial and commercial applications.

Dr. Peter Nitz, Ph.D., Head of Department High Temperature Solar Thermal and Industrial Processes at Fraunhofer ISE. Expertise in solar thermal applications and processes.


REENAG Holding GmbH

The group develops, finances and implements projects and operates plants generating electricity from wind-, solar- and hydro-sources. Key areas of expertise also include structuring financial resources and providing investment guidance for energy efficiency projects in combination with renewable energy generation.

Dr. Winfried Braumann, Ph.D. with expertise in senior management, public administration, industry and financial services.

Dr. Johan Bastin, Ph.D. Senior executive with expertise in investment and operations of utilities, renewable energy, transport and infrastructure.


Universidade de Évora

Based in Portugal, the University provides expertise in GIS based mapping and analysis of biomass and agriculture. The focus for this project is on European potential of biomass production.

Dr. Adélia Sousa Ph.D. and Assistant Professor with expertise applying geographic information systems and remote sensing in management of natural resources, mainly precision agriculture and estimate forest biomass production.

Dr. Isabel Malico, Ph.D. and professor with expertise in R&D activities, energy conversion systems based on combustion, with bioenergy focus for the last 10 years.